What Is Shaybazaar?

A community of creatives who make amazing things and people who like to support independent makers.

How It Works

Combine all the work you’re selling across different sites into just one place. Whether you’re selling a few pieces on Etsy, some things on Society6, and maybe the rest on your personal website. Rather than losing your followers amongst different sites, list them all on your shaybazaar storefront for people to discover in one place. They will then be directed to wherever you want them to purchase the piece.

Create a Free Shaybazaar Storefront

The storefront is the bread and vegan-butter of shaybazaar. After you login for the first time, you just need to enter a username and profile picture then you have your very own page!

You can add all of your social accounts. You can also add links to anything and everything else you want to share with your followers. Whether it’s an upcoming event, recent blog post, or maybe even a recipe? It can all be added prominently to your storefront so you can share your entire online presence through a single link.

Import Listings

A listing is just a link to something you sell somewhere on the internet. It's that simple. Upload a beautiful image, name, price, and a link to where someone can buy it and you’re good to go! It's that simple. The magic is that after it is reviewed by shaybazaar it becomes discoverable by our global community.

Get Your Work Seen

All listings are reviewed by a shaybazaar team member after they are added. If they meet our editorial guidelines we will feature them on our homepage and include them in search results.

Our guidelines are simple and are in place because we are animal lovers and believe great products can be made without harming any living creatures. Essentially we ensure each listing:

  • Contains no animal products.
  • Is cruelty-free.

If your listing doesn't meet our guidelines, it won't be featured in search results or the home page. However, it will still be available on your storefront page.

What You Get When You Create a Shaybazaar Storefront

  1. A community who values ethical and independently made products.

  2. A place to solidify your online creative presence into one link.

  3. A way to promote your new products and get them seen by a community of people who want to see them.

Become part of a global community of independent cruelty-free makers!