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Unique Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

It seems hard today to not know someone who isn’t completely cat-obsessed. With their tiny noses, eye for mischief, and little bean toes is hard not to fall under their spell. There is no shortage of cat-themed items out there from cat mugs to cat-themed DIY projects, there's a gift for everyone for every season or holiday. Valentine's day coming up - Say I love you with a cat card or do you have a friend’s birthday who loves both cats and plants? (more common than you’d think) then what about some cute cat planters, sure to hit two of their favorite things. For those looking to bring more cats into their lives without the additional mouths to feed...or clean up after. Here are some of our favorite unusual gifts to give a cat mom or dad, or just to get for yourself.

  • When a simple ‘I love you’ just won't do or maybe you want to recreate that feeling when a cat has blessed you by choosing to sit in your lap and you dare not move no matter how much you need to get up. Heres the card for that! Designed and made by triangletrees in Guelph, Canada.

  • Being both obsessed with filling your space with plants and a weary cat parent seem to go hand in hand more often than not. As an owner of both everyone knows they dont always get along, with a cat’s wandering paw being the highest cause of pot tip-overs. This planter will surely brighten up any space! Designed and made by beardbangs in Toronto, Canada.

  • Does the person you’re buying for have a favorite cat or breed? These iron-on patches are a great way of easily picking out a unique gift that will instantly feel meaningful to the person you’re giving it to. They can iron them onto their jackets, bags or t-shirt and take a reminder of their pet wherever they go. Made by ASimpleLifeHandcraft in Adelaide, Australia.

  • For anyone crafty and cat-obsessed, this is the gift for them! Give them the activity they dont know need yet that allows them to spend time up close with a kitty, intricately hand stitching each detail of this cat’s adorable face. Afterward, they’ll be able to hang up and put on display their monumental achievement! Created by cozyblue in Asheville, North Carolina.

  • For the devote cat lover, let them – temporarily – etch their love in ink with these temporary black cat tattoos. Each cat was originally painted in watercolors before being turned into tattoos which are non-toxic and skin safe. Illustrated by ClairePaulDraws in Newquay, United Kingdom.

  • We couldn’t recommend only one cat-themed planter, we had to give you a choice of two! For a more minimalistic approach, there's the double-wide black cat planter. Approved by your chic friend who seems to only wear the color black, this planter is bound to make any plant pop. Designed and made by Barruntando in Avilés, Spain.

  • Wear your crazy cat lady status loud and proud with this canvas tote bag. Great for carrying local farmer market finds, books, or some of the finest dried catnip for your furry friend. No matter the use, one thing is for sure, your cat will love this tote just as much as you and curl up on it whenever you’re not looking. Illustrated by aljahorvat in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • Knock out a gift for the yogi cat lover with this adorable print that any at-home yoga practiser could relate to. We’re still left wondering why downward dog hasn’t been renamed to the cat stretch. Perfect for framing or hanging up as is, did we mention it’s also under $10! Illustrated by Annickg in Montreal, Canada.

  • I mean, can you ever really have too many graphic tees? Especially ones with cool-looking cats on the front of them? I don’t think so. Gift this to someone who can finally say loud and proud how much they like cats. Designed by ilikeCATSshop in Brighton, United Kingdom.

  • Let your loved one wear their love for coffee and cats with pride with this ultra-cute french press cat pin. Its monochromatic look makes it chic and easy to pair with any jacket or bag, it won’t fail to receive an ‘aww’ upon opening. Designed by RobotDanceBattle in Los Angeles, California.

  • Coloring books are a great way for someone to unwind and destress for the day. Throw in a couple of cute eyed cats and they’re sure to triple the therapeutic experience. Great gift for anyone who needs a little help creating more time for themselves. Designed by LittleWhiteOctopus in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Just about the purrfect size to fill up on enough catfiene, yes that was two cat puns in one sentence, I couldn’t resist. But seriously this cat mug is a great size for any tea, coffee, or hot chocolate lover. Great to gift for Mother’s Day to any cat mom or friend who loves to spend much of their time cozied up. Created by Barruntando in Avilés, Spain.

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