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The Best Gift Ideas For Urban Gardeners

You can’t browse Instagram anymore without seeing posts of apartments filled to the brim with thriving green plants. Urban gardens don’t seem to be going away any time soon and that's a good thing. With more people moving to cities or into smaller homes than ever, people are getting creative about ways to bring nature in their homes. From hanging planters to beautiful ceramic pots that act as both homes for your plants and accent pieces that brighten up your space – the possibilities are endless. Urban gardening may seem tricky at first, especially if you have limited space or access to natural light but there's a solution for everyone. Whether you’re gifting your seasoned plant-mom friend who has over 40 varieties to the not so green-thumbed who struggles to care for a cactus but hope to do better, here are some great gifts for them all. Added bonus, they’re not all planters! Check out our best gifts for indoor gardeners.

  • We know this may be the cutest planter you’ve ever seen and that's exactly why it would make the great gift for any indoor gardener or dog lover. Plus who doesn't love a weenier dog? Designed and made by Barruntando in Avilés, Spain.

  • This cute print is a simple way for anyone to bring a little more greenery into their lives – that doesn’t run the risk of drying up. Both avid indoor gardeners and not will find a place for it in the home. Illustrated by janechuart in New York.

  • These chic metal botanical hairpins are a great gift for anyone who loves to accessorize. Each set is made in France and can be customized to fit the person you’re buying for, send over a mood board or inspiration to help them craft the perfect set. Handmade by mignonnehandmade in Pépieux, France.

  • Everyone needs another tote, especially one illustrated with so many plants. Gift this canvas tote to any plant lover to fill with farmer’s market finds, succulents, and books to create the ultimate cozy day. Illustrated by aljahorvat in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  • For those with limited space, urban gardening may prove a little trickier. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t have much room a ceramic hanging planter is a perfect gift. It won't take up much space and an added bonus, air plants are great for indoor gardeners of all levels. Designed by noemarin in Valencia, Spain.

  • These recycled notebooks make a great gift for any conscious gardener or artsy plant-loving friend. Each blank page is just waiting to be filled with botanical notes or sketches of their favorite plant friend. Made by theSunshineBindery in Crewkerne, United Kingdom.

  • This precious necklace has a small forget me not flower embedded in clear resin and a plated brass teardrop. Forget me not flowers symbol loyalty and a deep connection, making this necklace an easy gift to show anyone how much you care for them. Made by Remedydesignshop in Austin, Texas.

  • How could anyone forget about this cute planter making it the perfect gift to give any self-proclaimed black thumbs. The right size to fit a cactus or succulent, both easy plants to care for to help ease any worry. Designed and made by AtelierStellaCeramic in Brighton, United Kingdom.

  • Gift this cute button to plants lovers of all kinds so they can wear their love for plants loud and proud. Illustrated and made by MidgeBlitz in Hoboken, New Jersey.

  • We can’t forget a botanical themed card, this one not only has an orange blossom illustrated on the front but also smells like one too! Great to give for any occasion and sure to put a smile on any plant lover. Created by clapclapdesign in Los Angeles, California.

  • The terrazzo trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon and this millennial pink planter proves why. A great way for anyone to bring a little more color into their home that isn’t too overpowering. Created by SpecklGoods in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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