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Fun Small Gift Ideas For Foodies

We’re all self-confessed foodies, whether its delicious breakfast tacos or a big bowl of pasta you can be sure it’s getting eaten. With the rise in pizza printed gear, it may feel hard to find well-crafted gifts for the food lover in your life. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for a self-proclaim foodie or maybe a Michelin starred chef, we have you covered! Discover fun small gifts, stocking filler, or their next favorite accessory from our hand-curated list below. Whether they’re a taco fiend or carb obsessed, there’s a gift for every food lover. Get inspired by graphic t-shirts or a quick temporary tattoo the perfect addition for any outfit. If eating isn’t enough, how about decorating your home with ramen prints or scrubbing your body an all-natural coffee body scrub. Sure to invigorate and make you smell like your favorite morning beverage. Shop snack theme earrings made from clay or metal to really show off your dedication to the culinary world. All handcrafted and 100% cruelty-free by artists and designers worldwide.

  • Carbs in any form are always a good thing, this graphic t-shirt is no different. Simple, modern and sure to look great paired with high waisted jeans of any kind, great to gift to the ramen lover in your life. Illustrated by AFRIQUEandDANILOW in Tenerife, Spain.

  • Sriracha lovers rejoice, this print brings contemporary art to the next level with its depiction of a classic bowl of pho. Perfect home decor piece for foodies and spice lovers alike who can now decorate with homes with their love of noodles. Illustrated by naomiwilkinson in Bristol, UK.

  • Coffee lovers are a fierce bunch who know exactly how they like their cup of joe. If they still haven’t reached their caffeine limit and a bag of beans won’t do, this is the perfect gift for any coffee connoisseur. This nourishing body scrub is made from fair-trade coffee, shea butter, and coconut oil leaving their skin silky smooth and invigorated. Created by palermo in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Handmade Lemon Earrings by SophieFilomena

    These handmade earrings make the perfect gift for any citrus obsessed foodie, whether they’re constantly asking for extra lemon or hydrating on gallons of lemon water this is the accessory for them. Handmade by SophieFilomena in Bristol, United Kingdom.

  • I mean who doesn’t love tacos? This temporary tattoo would make the perfect gift for any taco lover. Let them wear their love for the handheld treat right on their body as they double fist a couple. Designed by sparkleyassbitch in Seattle, Washington.

  • Sophia Loren definitely knew a thing or two about timeless beauty so we won't start arguing with her now. This pin would make the perfect gift for any pasta lover, maker or eater because we don’t need to be told twice about eating a second helping. Designed by sweetandlovely in Princeton, New Jersey.

  • For the person in your life who has everything, there is always a graphic tee waiting for them. The perfect gift to give any food lover whos hard to shop for, especially if they’re young and always hungry. Designed by FresherThan in Texas.

  • You’ve reached the ultimate level of foodie once all your accessories start to turn into eating utensils. Gift these metal fork and spoon earrings to your friend whos always hungry as a reminder that any hour is snacking hour. Handcrafted by mindseyecollective in the USA.

  • These cute watercolor paintings turned temporary tattoos make the perfect gift for any artsy foodie. Whether they’re constantly taking food pics or running an Instagram food account these tattoos would make a great addition to any photo, guaranteed to get some likes. Created by clairepauldraws in Newquay, United Kingdom.

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